Access Denied


Oh, how far the University of Kentucky Wildcats have fallen!  Last year they were the basketball champions, this year they won’t even be in the tournament.  Yesterday the NCAA announced the tournament lineup (“bracketology” as the fans call it), and the schedule; because UK has lost too many recent games, they weren’t allowed to compete.  Usually they do, so for central Kentucky, the basketball season ended early.

I don’t think John Calipari is in danger of losing his job.  In a town preoccupied with college basketball, expectations are going to be set high, often too high, for any coach to meet.  And how exciting would it be if the same team won every time?  One thing’s for sure, central Kentucky will have to find something else to do for the next two weeks.  No doubt some fans will swallow their pride, change their blue clothes for red, and root for our arch-rivals, the University of Louisville Cardinals – they have a good chance of winning this year.  As for the rest, I’ll let you know if I hear anything before the Keeneland horse races begin next month.

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