Incomun Taxum Deum

Pardon my Latin, that’s what yesterday was for me; I finished work on my tax returns for the year.  And no, that is not why Julius Caesar was told to “Beware the Ides of March.”

The tax paperwork was as complicated as it was last year; I had to fill out state returns for both Kentucky and Connecticut.  Overall I had an easier time of it; last year it took until March 30 to do the Federal return, and another week and a half to mail the state returns.  The results were the same – refunds from Uncle Sam and Connecticut, a small payment to Kentucky – but because I earned less in 2012 than I did in 2011, all the amounts were less, too.  It also occurred to me that it is not a good sign if I am getting good at going through this red tape, and I am not doing this as part of a job.

Yesterday I also checked on the Red Delicious apple tree I planted in the backyard last October.  It has a bud on the tip of each branch, so I know it survived its first winter with us.  My next project is to plant a Fuji apple nearby, for cross-pollination purposes and because that is Leive’s favorite variety.  Over the past week I checked a few stores, and the only one with Fuji apples is K-Mart.

Because next Saturday is Lexi’s third birthday, last night Leive called Lindy in Georgia, to hear what the “Apo” wants.  Instead of the expected toys, she asked for boots that light up, and a tablet.  By “tablet” I take it she means a computer tablet, like an iPad or the Google Nexus I bought myself last January.  I mentioned in a previous message that my tablet turned out to be a thoroughly useful tool when I go out, but at home it is mainly used to entertain the parrot.  Well well, it looks like Lexi is going to be a computer nerd, like her mother and grandfather; a true heir to the family!

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