Which Francis?

Last week I saw this picture on my favorite humor website, showing retired Pope Benedict’s message to president Obama:


Now the big headline is that a new pope has been elected, and he’s the first from the New World, an Argentine cardinal.  My church has been talking about Argentina lately, because we recently had a visit from a missionary to Patagonia, and because one of our member families just got back from there; no doubt we’ll be talking about Argentina again this weekend.  He was picked because he is both honest and humble, and he chose for himself the Papal name of Francis.  The reporters said right away that the name is another good sign; he is naming himself after the founder of the Franciscan order.  If they’re right, fine, but how do they know he meant St. Francis of Assisi?  Because the new pope is also a Jesuit, he could have been thinking of St. Francis Xavier.  I remember a joke about confusing the two saints named Francis, which you can see at the top of this page.

And click on the link below for the rest of the details, if you missed the story:

Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio named new pope

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