Rain to Snow, and Goodbye to Hugo the Horrible

It rained all morning and afternoon on Tuesday.  That evening the rain became snow, and this time it accumulated.  By Wednesday morning we had 2 inches on the ground.  Because it has been so cold, it is still there now; it only melted on the roads.

The snow hasn’t stopped stopped the daily routine in Kentucky.  We’re now in the full “March Madness” mode, meaning this is the time of the year when our preoccupation with sports reaches its peak.  They are having a boy’s “Sweet Sixteen” basketball tournament in Rupp Arena from Wednesday to Sunday, so downtown traffic is a mess; I am avoiding the downtown area as much as possible this week.  Both of the AM radio stations I listen to when on the road have pre-empted their programming for sports coverage.  Because of that, and because there isn’t an FM station in town that I like a lot (I have to tune in the college stations on Sunday afternoon to find the kind of music I want), I am thinking of bringing my 5-year-old Zune with me on road trips again.

By now you have probably heard about the death of Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela since 1998.  No big surprise, he has had cancer for the past two years.  Although he hated the US, he couldn’t do without us, because if we didn’t buy Venezuelan oil, the economy of that country would collapse.  He went to the grave thinking that somehow, the US gave him cancer.  Last year I saw this creepy picture of him; if President Obama continues to resist attempts to make the US energy independent, Chavez may have his revenge.


Of course tributes to Chavez are pouring from the expected liberal mouthpieces, like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone.  They may even do a movie about Chavez someday, if Penn can gain enough pounds.


I’m only surprised that Obama hasn’t praised Hugo yet; they got along well enough when they met in person.

By the way, Hugo had a parrot very similar to mine, which he named Simon Bolivar.  It looks like the parrot is a blue-fronted Amazon, whereas my Brin-Brin is a yellow-naped Amazon.  How did he get the parrot to wear a little red beret to match his own?  I’m also not sure if he was attempting to look like a boy scout or a pirate when he did that.




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