Have I Worked My Last Job?

It is looking more and more like that.  The job I had in Connecticut in 2011-2012 lasted for ten and a half months; this week marks ten and a half months since that job ended.

It looked like the economy was starting to recover last January, when I had two interviews and attended a job fair.  However, I have not heard back from the company behind the job fair, and the job market has apparently dried up; now it’s getting hard to find jobs that are even worth applying for.  I am starting to wonder if this nation will end before this recession does.  Sure, I will continue to go through the motions of a job hunt — it is required as long as I am receiving unemployment insurance — but I no longer expect to find work.  From now on my main priority will be my LegalShield business, because that door hasn’t closed on me yet.

Speaking of LegalShield, check out the video on this site and tell me what you think of it:


Today the humor site Cracked.com posted a commentary on the economy.  I didn’t need them to tell me how it is doing, and on political/economic matters I usually disagree with their authors, so you know the economy is bad when they write something I agree with.

4 Ways You Can Tell the Economy Still Sucks | Cracked.com.

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