Two New Neighbors

Nature still can’t make up its mind.  We can get either rain or snow or sleet; it changes moment by moment.  And because the temperature is in the 30s, no ice or snow accumulates, but it is wet outside.

Tonight is supposed to be the time when the dreaded automatic budget cuts – what everybody is calling the “sequester” – kick in.  If you ask me, the president and his supporters are blowing it out of proportion; the way they are acting, the shutdown of government services is the end of civilization as we know it.  They are warning of catastrophes in services to the elderly and sick children, airport security, the military, teachers getting laid off, and so on – all because of a 2 percent cut.  I like what a talk show host named Chris Plante said about it:  “Since this two percent obviously covers all essential government spending, let’s cut the other 98 percent!”

I forgot to tell about it previously, but there is a new Hobby Lobby store in Lexington, four miles from my house.  They had their grand opening last weekend, and I visited them on Monday.  You have probably also heard that Hobby Lobby is in the news, for the same reason Chick-Fil-A was last summer; the president’s policies violate the Christian principles which run the company.

Hobby Lobby Opens Its First Lexington Store

Hobby Lobby Continues Fight for Religious Liberty

The other new neighbor is a really fancy restaurant, on the main road going into town from where I’m at.  On September 15, 2012, I reported on a two-story domed building under construction, and because the dome was greenish-gold, I concluded it was going to be a mosque.  Well I was off, way off.  I first suspected I was wrong when the sign went up last week, and the name of the place was Coba Cocina.  Now the local newspaper has announced that it will have its grand opening on March 18, and the main feature will be the world’s largest privately-owned jellyfish tank (the jellyfish went in the tank on Wednesday).  Who’d have thought we’d get something like that, so far from Texas and so far from the ocean?



Lexington Restaurant to Feature a 3000 Gallon Jellyfish Aquarium

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