Our February Wrap-up

Overall this has been a dry month as Februaries go; we have gotten less than half the usual rain and snow for the month; indeed, none of the snow we got lasted long enough to accumulate.  However, you wouldn’t know it from this week’s weather.  For the past two days we have been getting a mixture of rain, sleet and snow, as if nature is trying to make up for the shortfall.  I don’t think the precipitation will catch up, though, inasmuch as the last day of the month is tomorrow.

Last week Leive decided to send a gift package to her sister in the Philippines, what they call a balikbayan box.  One of the items going in the box is her old laptop, the one our silly parrot claimed as his own.  Don’t worry, I now entertain Brin-Brin with the tablet I got last month.  Anyway, my part in this was to erase Leive’s stuff off the hard drive by reformatting it, and installing some programs I believe the in-laws can use.  I got done with that task yesterday, but the hard drive kept giving me error messages, so I expect it will fail very soon; I hope they can repair or replace it.

In the past I used to talk quite a bit here about political news; I haven’t said much lately because I am disgusted at how they run things in Washington, and because I feel shut out of the whole process.  Neither the Democrats nor mainstream Republicans represent me; about the only politicians that do are the handful of Tea Party Republicans in Congress.

Yesterday Chuck Hagel won the Senate vote to become the next Secretary of Defense, despite his dismal performance at the confirmation hearings.  What surprised me is that Kentucky’s Rand Paul was one of the four Republicans who voted for Hagel.  Because Rand Paul is also one of the Tea Party Republicans I mentioned above, I demand an explanation for his vote; has he picked up some kooky ideas from his father?

And so Hagel joins the list of incompetent leaders in Washington that have made our government an “ineptocracy.”  He’s not qualified to be Defense Secretary, Eric Holder is not qualified to be Attorney General, Barack Obama is not qualified to be president, etc.  It looks like the individual most qualified for his job is Joe Biden; what a frightening thought.

Speaking of incompetence, our new Secretary of State made his contribution.  In Germany John Kerry said in a speech that because of America’s freedoms, US citizens have the right to be stupid.  No thanks, Mr. Kerry.  You have shown more than one example of stupidity (remember the picture below?), but where I come from, it’s not smart to be dumb.  Acting stupid may be all right if those who do so have to suffer the consequences, but it’s liberals like you that are doing away with that, so in effect, we are encouraging a dumber society.  Arrgh, who votes for clowns like these anyway?


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