“The Lords of Avaris” in Central Kentucky

This afternoon, among other things, I visited a used bookstore two and a half miles from my house; they always have interesting books, and I hadn’t been there in a few months.  Of course I checked out the world history books, and found a big surprise – they had three copies of David Rohl’s book “The Lords of Avaris!”

Long-time readers will know that David Rohl, a British archaeologist, is my favorite author.  I bought my copy of “The Lords of Avaris” five years ago, and reviewed it in this blog; check out my messages from February 19, 2007 and July 18, 2008 to read what I said about it.

What amazes me is how these three copies got to my part of Kentucky.  They have never been published in the United States; I had to order mine from the British equivalent of Amazon, Amazon.co.uk.  And while it wouldn’t be too surprising to find a copy in a big city on the coast, Kentucky is off the beaten path.  Finally, the books are in mint condition, so I don’t think somebody donated his copies to the store after reading them.  I paid $40 for my copy, and these are being offered for $7.99 each.  What a deal!

Because I still have my copy, I don’t expect to be buying another one, unless I want to give it to a friend.  Last year my pastor was working on bringing David Rohl to speak in our state, so I called and told him, in case he might want one.  Of course they will be sold, if David does come to town.

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