Turned the Corner

I’m definitely feeling better since my last message.  Leive thinks it is because of her prayers, while I think it is because I realized I was taking the recommended dosage for children, on the cold/flu medicine I had been using.  I’m not completely better yet, but hopefully the healing will be finished this weekend.

We got two inches of snow on Thursday night to wrap up the month.  By morning the temperature had fallen to 6 degrees F.  Although it remained well below freezing for the whole day, the sun came out and melted the snow on the road and a few other places, so it didn’t get in the way when I went out in the afternoon, to run a few errands.

On Wednesday I completed the job of switching the search engine on each page of The Xenophile Historian website, to a customized version of Google.  The search engine I used previously, Picosearch, had served me well, so I hated getting rid of it, but it had its limitations, the biggest one being that if the website grew to have more than 250 pages, I would have to pay $20/month to keep Picosearch running.  In fact, the website had grown past that point already; I managed to avoid paying by excluding Picosearch from the largest folder; obviously that isn’t a long term fix.  Well, Google has a limit of 5,000 pages on its custom search engine; that solved my problem, because I don’t expect the website to ever have that many pages, at least while I’m managing it.

I did most of the work of replacing Picosearch on each page with Google last month.  However, I forgot that I hadn’t done it with the pages in the top-level folder, until this week.  Now that the search engine switch is taken care of, I think I will continue to use Picosearch on another website of mine, one that is not growing steadily.

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