On the Other Side of the Front

Well, the predicted storm front arrived on schedule.  My storm radio blared no less than thirteen warning messages between 4:20 and 6:30 AM, though most of them weren’t relevant for the Lexington area.  The storms themselves were compressed into a thin line; when they arrived at 6:30, they passed over in only five minutes.  In the news reports I checked today, I learned we got off easy, compared with other states.  The only damage reported in Lexington were a few trees and utility poles knocked down.  Two of the poles were near my former workplace; that must have messed up the local traffic.  Now it’s getting colder, so tomorrow we may get snow instead of rain.

As for me, I was still laid low by this flu.  I hope it doesn’t get any worse than this.  I won’t describe the symptoms in detail, I’ll just say that I had to stay inside for yet another day.  I had an appointment to attend a job fair, but obviously I couldn’t go to that; hopefully we can reschedule.  At one point Leive smeared her hot wintergreen oil on me, had me wearing a jacket, scarf and hat, and gave me a strong concoction of lemon tea with too much ginger & cinnamon in it.  This afternoon I realized that I wasn’t taking a strong enough dosage of the cold medicine I had been using, so we’ll see if all this makes a difference.

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