April in January

That is how the weatherman is describing the current conditions in Kentucky.  Over the past few days it has been warming up from last week’s freeze.  Yesterday the high temperature was 52 degrees, and today it was 66.  Today I went on a minor shopping run, and this was probably the first time in weeks when I could step outside without a jacket.  Unfortunately the balmy spell is scheduled to end tonight, as a big cold front comes in from the west; the front is expected to bring thunderstorms and high winds, followed by more cold temperatures to ring in February.

Alas, I haven’t been able to enjoy the nicer weather much; the main benefit is that it keeps my utility bills from climbing ridiculously high, as they are prone to do in the winter.  I’m still suffering from this flu or whatever that I have had since last Thursday; Leive may still have it, too.  Aside from the aforementioned shopping trip and another quick one on Sunday, I have only stepped out of the house to take out the garbage or check the mail.  I have even skipped the usual church activities and the Monday night LegalShield meeting.  Boy, I sure hope to get over it tomorrow, today was the worst congestion yet.

On the radio, I heard that John Kerry won approval to become the next Secretary of State by a 94-3 vote.  Richard Pryor once said, "The State Department’s job is to foster anti-Americanism and world turmoil, at which it excels.  At least as far as I can discern."  I’ve noted that too, over the past thirty years.  Knowing how Kerry opposed the US war efforts in Vietnam and Iraq, it looks like he is suited for his new job.

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