My Kingdom For Some Bones

My, but King Richard III has been in the news quite a bit over the last few months.  I’ll venture that he hasn’t been in the news this much since his death in 1485.  In case you missed the story, it looks like his bones have been found, generating a controversy over where he should be buried.

Skeleton of Richard III may have been found — but where will it end up? | Fox News.

I expanded a footnote in Chapter 9 of my European history to include the discovery, it now reads as follows:

“Richard III has been a controversial figure ever since. Tudor writers portrayed him as a villain, and in 1995, William Shakespeare’s play, Richard III, was made into a “politically correct” movie, with the king, played by Sir Ian McKellen, wearing a Nazi-style uniform. Even so, many feel he got a bad press, so today there are fan clubs devoted to restoring the good name of Richard III.
The latest news concerning Richard III is the discovery of two skeletons under a Leicester parking lot in 2012; one has been tentatively identified as the fallen king. Supposedly he was buried in a garden at Greyfriars church, but both church and garden disappeared in development of the property over the next five hundred years. If the identification holds up after carbon-14 and DNA testing, the remains will be given a state funeral and reburied in a more fitting location, possibly Leceister Cathedral.”

Unquote:  And here is Richard’s side of the story, sung on the TV show “Horrible Histories.”


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