Zero Tolerance Helps to Make Us Dumber

I just added a new paragraph to last month’s essay about how we are getting dumber, thanks to our technology, schools and government.  Quote:

Special mention should be given to "zero tolerance" policies. Originally these were used to get drugs out of the workplace, or to make sure people didn’t drink alcohol while driving. When applied to school issues, however, they allowed faculty members to act without thinking, leading to idiotic results. I remember a news story back in 1993 where a six-year-old boy kissed a girl in his class and was accused of sexual harassment, and other stories about how plastic knives in lunchboxes and inch-long toy guns were seen as violations of rules against bringing weapons to school. I am writing this just a month after the tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, and already since then, there have been two cases where small children were suspended from class because they pointed fingers at each other, pretending to have guns. What message does it send to our students, when they see those in authority enforce rules and not think about the consequences? Or maybe I should put it this way: How many times can someone act stupid, before he becomes stupid?

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