I’ve Gone Mobile

We have had quite a weather assortment over the past week.  At the last of the December snow melted, temperatures climbed steadily.  Last Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday the highs were in the 50s; on Friday-Saturday-Sunday they were in the 60s.  We also got rain, especially on Sunday, when more than an inch fell.  There was a cold front behind the rain, so now it is 30 degrees as I write this, and there is a small chance of freezing rain or sleet tonight or tomorrow.  I hope not, because I am going to a job interview in Frankfort, early tomorrow morning.

When I got my laptop in August 2010, it freed me up from having to do all my computer work in one place, and it didn’t seem like much of a burden to carry it around, slung from my shoulder in a case.  Well, it wasn’t a burden then, but compared with all the smart phones and iPads people have now, which easily fit into one hand, it seems like one.  Moreover, the battery in my laptop is only good for 1-2 hours of work, so it helps a lot if I can find an outlet for it.  Therefore I had been thinking of getting a tablet PC for the past few weeks.

Last week I went ahead and did it; I ordered a Google Nexus 7 tablet from Radioshack.com, as a belated birthday present for myself.  I placed the order on Tuesday night, and it arrived on Friday.  Since then I have been learning how to use it, testing it out in various locations (including church), downloading a few apps, and making sure it can access the hard drive I connected to the Internet “Cloud” last year, so it can put up my photos, videos, music, etc., without the need to put them on the tablet.  On Sunday I found a case that will fit it, so expect me to have the tablet handy whenever I am in a place with an Internet connection.

Don’t worry, the laptop will still be good for some time to come.  I plan on using the laptop most of the time when computing at home, and may bring it if I expect to give a presentation somewhere.  But now I have an additional option.  With the tablet configured I can do almost anything away from home that I could do with the laptop, giving me more freedom to travel around, especially when out of town.

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