A Random Thought on U-Hauls

When Chuck Hagel retired as a senator from Nebraska, about eight years ago, I didn’t think I would hear from him again.  He’s now in the news, though, because for reasons unclear to me, President Obama nominated him to be his next Secretary of Defense.  It can’t be for reasons of party loyalty, because Hagel is a Republican.  What makes this even more interesting is that the opposition to his nomination is not coming from Democrats, but from Republicans who see him as an enemy of Israel.

Ever notice how U-Haul trailers feature pictures of strange plants and animals, each one unique to a single US state or Canadian province?  For instance, Florida is represented by the ghost orchid, which grows in the Everglades.  And the meaning of the picture is not clear; if you don’t read the fine print underneath, you’ll wonder why that subject was picked.  The U-Hauls for Nebraska feature a picture of a rhinoceros, and for the past few years, whenever I have seen one, I thought of Senator Hagel (a RINO, get it?).


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