The Hunt Is On

I told readers about the Burmese python problem in my former home state.  Now this article tells what they are doing about it:

Florida’s ‘Python Challenge’ draws adrenaline junkies, eco-warriors | Fox News.

By far the silliest part of the story is how PETA is protesting the hunt.  First, they obviously don’t care that the snakes are disrupting south Florida’s entire ecosystem.  Second, they’re upset about how the hunter are supposed to kill the snakes they catch.  It reminds me of the comedy bit where Jerry Clower told about the annual rattlesnake roundup in Abilene, TX, and he asks if there is any wrong way to kill a snake!  Third, they’re worried that some of the snakes are former house pets.  Well, there are now an estimated 100,000 pythons down there, so I’d say the chance of a house pet getting bagged is small — unless snakes are the 3rd most popular pet in Florida, after dogs and cats.

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