A New Year, A New Beginning



Happy New Year!  I for one was eager to see 2012 go, because it was a difficult year in my household.  For the first four months, I was away in Connecticut, and for the other eight, I was unemployed.  I know some folks who are pessimistic about 2013, because none of America’s problems were solved in 2012, and the folks who were supposed to fix them just voted a pay raise for themselves.  Hopefully hard times won’t apply to me, though, because my LegalShield business provides a valuable service at two times:  when the economy is good and when the economy is bad.

We learned last year with the Mayan calendar business that things don’t abruptly change when a new year begins.  After all, a date is an artificial construction of time, posed by man and not by nature or God.  And I have argued in previous messages that it makes more sense to begin the year in spring or fall, than to start in the middle of winter, like we are doing now.

Still, a new year is a good time for a new beginning, hence New Year’s resolutions.  So if you are going to make changes in your life, this is as good a time as any to do it.  Here are some inspiring words to help you get started.  Now go for it!


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