Talk About Being Full of Yourself

I just saw this remark and video on  Quote:

“At Senator Inouye’s funeral, Obama took the time to tell his life story.  He talked about how the Senator was his own and how his family voted.  He reminds us about his childhood in Hawaii even though he spent a significant amount of his youth in Indonesia.”

Unquote:  I have said elsewhere that any politician who has been in office longer than I’ve been alive can’t be all good.  Fortunately there aren’t too many cases of that anymore, now that I am a grandfather.  Senator Inouye may be the last one.

When the president paid tribute to Neil Armstrong, he posted a picture of himself looking at the moon.  When he paid tribute to Rosa Parks, he posted a picture of himself sitting in her bus.  Can you see a pattern here?  I bet when he attended the funeral of Robert “KKK” Byrd two years ago, he spoke about himself there, too.

The link below leads to a two-minute video on YouTube featuring an excerpt from Obama’s eulogy.  There are other videos with his full message, but this one is long enough for you to get the idea.

Obama Uses Senator Inouye’s Funeral to Talk About Himself – YouTube.

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