Welcome to the New B’ak’tun

On the Mayan calendar, that’s a new 144,000-day cycle, and an unexpected one at that.  By now you know the world didn’t end yesterday, as many had feared.  Here in Kentucky, it was a cold start to winter, with the temperature at 27-28 degrees all day.  When the critical moment came (12 noon Mexican time, 1 PM here), the only thing that happened was that for us, the snowing stopped.  I’m sure some folks were disappointed, starting with Marvin the Martian.


And here is what the Mayans themselves have to say about it.  Their descendants anyway, because their civilization, which was so good at astronomy and calendars, failed to predict its own collapse;


Now you can get back to whatever you normally do on a weekend.  Shabbat Shalom.

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