The Day Before the Day After

Last night around 12 o’clock we got a dusting of snow.  The first snow of the season, appropriate for today.  This is the winter solstice, the day when the earth, sun and the core of our galaxy form a straight line, and the last day on the Mayan calendar.  The day that folks have been hyping for the past few years.

Are you ready?  Here is what my (non-Mayan) calendar recommended that we do before the big day.  Now that it’s here, hurry up!  Quote:

“Rest up, drink plenty of fluids.  Pick out your clothes carefully – you may be wearing them for quite some time.  Also, set up your coffee machine – you’d hate to be fumbling with beans and grinders when Armageddon comes.”

I’ll finish by sharing the picture posted this morning, of three male cardinals (the feathered kind).  Leive and I have long had a thing for those birds, at least since we rescued a female in January 2006.


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