Lots of Webpage Work

Yes, I haven’t written as much here as I normally do.  That is a good sign that I am busy doing stuff on The Xenophile Historian.  In this case, since the start of December I have divided up several history papers, to make them more manageable and to make room for more Google ads.  The following pages were split in two:

From my North American history = Chapter 1.

From my European history = Chapters 1, 9, 10, 12, and 13.

Chapter 14 of the European history, covering the years from 1914 to 1945, was the longest, so I divided it into three parts, for World War I, the interwar years, and World War II.

In addition I am experimenting with switching the site search engine to a Google-based one.  I don’t like having the search box stretch all the way across the pages, but it seems to work better than Picosearch, the search engine I have used for the past few years.

Over the years links stop working when the pages they go to are moved/removed, or the coding in some links might not have done right, so I have also been hunting down and fixing broken links.  Whether or not anyone thanks me for this later, the job needs to be done, so I might as well take care of this tedious task now.

In other news, today was the most blustery day of the month.  It rained all day, with strong winds to boot.  Consequently we got some rain through the leaky door leading from the main floor to the patio.  Fortunately no water got into the basement this time.  Now temperatures are falling, so the rain could become snow tonight.

I’ll finish with some more end-of-the-world humor, since tomorrow is the big day on the Mayan calendar:



And to think I missed the fun by being in Connecticut, when UK won the championship.

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