Clearing and Colder

Ever since Thursday the temperature has been in the 50-60 degree range, and it has been raining almost constantly.  So far for the month we have gotten more than three inches of rain; if nature is trying to make up for a dry November, she has done that already.

Leive said that she would rather have rain than snow any day (she would), but yesterday we got too much at one time; a puddle formed around the piano in the basement.  This is the first time water got in there since the flood of May 2010.  Fortunately there wasn’t as much this time; I only needed one beach towel to mop it up.

Of course this weather can’t last forever, and behind it is a cold front that should reach us this evening.  Therefore I expect the rain will be gone tomorrow morning (maybe we’ll get some snow instead), with a temperature around 27 when I wake up.

Today I was contacted by two recruiters about long-term technical writer jobs, one in Frankfort and one in Lexington.  These are the most promising openings I have seen in months; maybe the local economy is starting to recover after all.

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