A Video From Typhoon Bopha

It has been a challenge to get news about the typhoon that struck the Philippines earlier this week.  Even in this age of information, communications and news are limited when you’re dealing with the Third World.

The most recent report I heard was on Thursday, when the death toll from the storm had reached 370.  Most of the casualties are in the hardest-hit area, between Davao City and Mindanao’s eastern shore.

Yesterday Leive showed me a video from Cagayan de Oro city, in the province just east of where most of her family lives.  The video showed a man riding a boat on a flooded river, while talking in Cebuano (Leive’s native language) about the local conditions.  So far that is all I have seen or heard from Leive’s side of Mindanao.

Anyway, here is a video I just saw of the typhoon and its wake of destruction.  Stay tuned.

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