United With Israel at the UN

Last week the Palestinians got the United Nations to vote in favor of making them a non-member state attending UN meetings.  I am against this not only because I am a strong supporter of Israel, but also because the Palestinians aren’t really a nation.  Michael Savage defines a nation as “borders, language and culture.”  How does “Palestine” measure up against that?  Borders = nobody regards the current borders as permanent, this is the Middle East, after all!  Language = there are at least twenty Arab states already, so naturally they speak Arabic.  Culture = ditto.

Only eight countries voted on the same side as Israel:  the United States, Canada, Panama, the Czech Republic, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau, and Nauru.  Note that four of them are in the South Pacific.  I heard once from Victor Schlatter, a retired Wycliffe translator who worked for thirty years in Papua New Guinea, that the South Pacific is the least anti-Semitic place in the world, because Christian missionaries forgot to teach it to the natives.  Well, here’s the proof!

United With Israel at the UN | United with Israel.

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