Pray for the Philippines!

For us, December started on an unusually mild note.  Since Sunday, other parts of the country (i.e., New England, the Northern Plains and the Rockies) have gotten a good winter chill, but here in Kentucky, it has only gotten down into the 50s at night, and in the day the temperature has risen as high as 70 degrees.  When going out, I have only needed a jacket to keep off the rain.  I’ll enjoy it while it lasts; the colder weather is expected to return tomorrow.


I wish I could say the same for the other side of the world.  Yesterday I learned about a category 5 super typhoon named Typhoon Bopha, targeting the southern Philippines.  Will somebody tell me why there is a typhoon so late in the year?  In the Atlantic, hurricane season ended last week; I take it the Pacific doesn’t follow the same rules?

Mindanao doesn’t get as many typhoons as other parts of the Philippines, because of its southern latitude; most storms turn north before they get to the big southern island.  No such luck this time.  When I saw the report last night, Bopha has just come ashore on the east side of Mindanao, near Davao city.  Now as I write this, according to the map below, it has weakened to a category 2 storm, but it is right over the neighborhood where my in-laws live, the Medina and Bendoy families.


Let’s hope and pray that the storm spent the worst of its fury before it got this far.  I’ll let you know if I hear anything more.

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