A New European Chapter

Over the weekend I divided the fifteenth and final chapter of my European history series, into two parts.  Chapter 15 has been up on the site since 2001; previously it was entitled “A New Europe Emerges” and it covered the postwar years, from 1945 to 2000.

The new Chapter 15 will be devoted to just the Cold War era, from 1945 to 1990, and will be called “A Continent Divided.”  Events since 1990 will go into Chapter 16, which has tentatively been named “Europe Today.”  That title could change if anything earthshaking happens over there in the near future; for instance, I’m thinking of calling Chapter 16 “Eurabia” if the rapid growth of Europe’s Islamic community continues.

There isn’t really anything new in the two chapters yet.  One of these days I will have to write down what has happened in Europe since 2001, and this arrangement makes room for such an addition.

In the meantime, here is how the chapters are organized:

Chapter 15: A Continent Divided

1945 to 1990

Postwar Territorial Changes

The Nuremberg Trials

The Iron Curtain Descends

The Marshall Plan

Occupied Germany and the Berlin Airlift

Yugoslavia Breaks With Moscow

The Postwar Leaders of Western Europe

Unrest in the Soviet Empire

Fascism’s Last Stand

The Nations That Tried to Buy Happiness

Northern Ireland’s Troubles

The Common Market

The End of the Cold War

Chapter 16: Europe Today

1990 to 2000

The Late-Blooming Mediterranean Republics

The Northern Ireland Crisis — Solved

A United States of Europe?

Eastern Europe in the 1990s

The Yugoslav Wars: The Slovenian and Croatian Phases

The Yugoslav Wars: The Bosnian Phase

The Yugoslav Wars: The Albanian Phase

Demographics, 1914-2000

Europe Today

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