5 Disturbingly Common Historical Inaccuracies In Movies About The Ancient World

5 Disturbingly Common Historical Inaccuracies In Movies About The Ancient World.

When I watch a movie or TV program and complain about the historical errors I spot in them, others say I am too much of a stickler for details.  To give one example, the remake of “The Mummy” from a few years back had so many mistakes in it that for me it wasn’t a horror movie, it was a comedy!  I remember in particular the scene with a battle in a jungle; the story was set in Egypt, for crying out loud!  Both my brother and I got a good laugh out of that.

Now I am pleased to find an article from somebody else who feels the same way.  My favorite part was where he mentioned how all Greek cities in the movies look like Athens in the 5th century B.C., even if they were enemies of the Athenians.    I mean, if a movie showed Moscow or Beijing in the twentieth century, and those cities looked just like Washington D.C., we wouldn’t believe them, would we?  Another common mistake is how Rome is always a city of unpainted white marble, no matter what time the story is set in.  What most of us forget is that the ancients painted their statues (the paint fell off over the ages), and that Rome was a city of brick in the days of the Republic — that includes Julius Caesar’s time.

In Britain they have the program “Horrible Histories” to let everyone know what the past was really like.  Maybe we need a TV show like that for our side of “the Pond.”

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