A Slight Chinese Revision

Before I get to the topic, an update closer to home.  Somebody actually posted a picture online, showing the damage from yesterday’s minor earthquake (LOL).



Anyway, most of the papers I have written for my Chinese history folder were first composed more than twenty years ago.  Back then I was using a Commodore 64, and this was long before I had even heard of the Internet, let alone had access to it.  The word processor I used back in the late 1980s would crash if the document I was working with grew larger than 32 KB in size, and it took as long as twenty minutes to save my work.  And the only way I could share it with the world was via a dot matrix printer.  Ah, those were the days!

Because of those limitations, what I wrote back then was a lot shorter than what I’m writing these days.  You could compare the Chinese history with my current project, Latin America:  the Latin American papers I have written so far take up 1.24 megs, more than twice as much space as the Chinese papers, and I’m probably only two-thirds done with them.

Because I might need a bit more space at a later date, I decided to marge two of my shortest Chinese history papers together.  Previously Chapter 5 covered the Yuan and Ming dynasties (1279-1644), and Chapter 6 covered the Qing or Manchu dynasty (1644-1911).  The new Chapter 5 will simply be called “Mongols, Mings and Manchus,” and the following chapters will be renumbered accordingly.  And here is how the table of contents looks now:

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Chinese History


The Chinese View of History

A Word About Spelling


Chapter 2: The Development of Chinese Civilization

(Before 255 B.C.)

Mythical and Legendary Times

The Shang or Yin Dynasty

The Western Zhou Dynasty

The Eastern Zhou Dynasty

The Age of Warring States Begins

The Hundred Schools of Thought




     Yang Zhu






Chapter 3: The First Chinese Empire

(255 B.C. to 220 A.D.)

The Kingmakers of Qin

The Qin Dynasty

The Western Han Dynasty

The Xin and Eastern Han Dynasty


Chapter 4: The Zenith of Chinese Civilization

(220 to 1279 A.D.)

China’s Medieval Age

The Sui Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty

The Tang Decline

The Song Dynasty


Chapter 5: Mongols, Mings and Manchus

(1279 to 1911)

The Yuan Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty



The Opium War

The Taiping Rebellion and the Arrow War

The Paper Dragon

The Boxer Rebellion


Chapter 6: The Nationalist Years

(1911 to 1949)

The Warlord Period

Chiang Kai-shek vs. the Communists

The Long March

The Second Sino-Japanese War Begins

Stalemate & Stagnation


The Final Showdown


Chapter 7: China Since 1949

The Establishment of the People’s Republic

The Great Leap Forward

“Women Hold Up half of the Heavens”

The Cultural Revolution

The Lifting of the Bamboo Curtain

After Mao

Tragedy at Tiananmen

Today’s China Syndrome

Taiwan: The Watching Dragon

Click here for a map of present-day China (268 KB, will open in a separate window).


In the near future I will have to update the last chapter, too, to include what has happened since the mid-1990s.

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