Florida Is Embarrassing Me

Obviously my former home state has a problem counting votes.  We all remember how bad it was in 2000; I wrote about it here.  I was living in one of the critical counties (Seminole County) when it happened.  At least back then Florida had an excuse – the presidential election depended on it.  And I also remember how nationwide we became the butt of jokes; outsiders talked about our “electile dysfunction,” called the state “Flori-duh,” and posted pictures like this one of a Fisher-Price ballot box, specially made for us:


Now, two and a half days after the polls closed, they’re not done counting the ballots yet, so Florida is the only state we can’t mark red or blue on the electoral map.  Presumably it will go blue if Barack Obama maintains his narrow lead, but he will still win the election if the Sunshine State flips over to Mitt Romney.

It will take overturning the results in more than one state to make Romney our next president.  I won’t be surprised if somebody tries it; every one of the so-called “battleground” or “swing” states (OH, PA, VA, IA, CO, NV), except for North Carolina, reported a narrow win for Obama.  The good news is that the Florida mix-up may allow Congressman Allen West to win re-election after all.

Anyway, last night Jimmy Kimmel checked on Orlando, my former stomping ground, and it looks like he found out what’s holding things up:

2 responses to “Florida Is Embarrassing Me

  1. Dear Swampsniper, I’m afraid you’re right. I remember how in 1993, when I heard that Miami was getting a hockey team (the Florida Panthers), I asked a friend what the team would be called, and he said, “The New York Transplants.”

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