It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better


Captain America broken.  Will the real America soon look like that, too?

For most of the past twenty-four hours, I have been reading and assimilating all the news from yesterday’s election.  Of course I don’t like what I see.  For a start, I will be eating a double portion of crow pie.  I looked at all the indicators, all the predictions from pundits like Karl Rove and Dick Morris, and for the past month I was cautiously optimistic that the Republicans would pull it off.  Instead, Barack Obama and company cleaned their clocks.  Here I was, expecting this election to be a repeat of 1980, because Obama was so incompetent and the economy was so bad.  Now it looks like 1916 was the better model, where Woodrow Wilson barely got re-elected, by winning in California.  That was probably the last time an incumbent president won a second term with fewer electoral votes than he got the first time.  Maybe we needed a strong independent or third party candidate this year; we had John Anderson in 1980.

On the state and local level, the news isn’t better.  In Florida, for instance, Colonel Allen West was turned out by a far less qualified Democrat, while the moonbat from Orlando, Alan Grayson, returned to Congress, albeit in a different district than the one he was kicked out of, two years ago.  The only good news I can think of at the moment is that we have a new congressman.  Since moving to Kentucky, I have been annoyed that Ben Chandler listens more to Washington DC Democrats than to his constituents.  Well, we finally replaced him; now let’s see if Andy Barr will do better.

It is not too late to change the results.  The absentee ballots haven’t been counted yet.  Florida will probably have a recount, and there may be court challenges in the other states with very close results.  I have heard some calls for impeachment or revolution already.  But you have to admit all of those solutions would be messier than simply winning the election would have been.  What ever happens on the political scene next, I’m not looking forward to it.

After the 2008 election, P. J. O’Rourke wrote an article entitled We Blew It.  He was talking to conservatives then, but today you could say the same thing to the whole country.  This time Obama campaigned on the slogan “Forward!” (a slogan that was also used by Benito Mussolini), though “Downward!” might be more appropriate, judging from the course a narrow majority of Americans have chosen.  The spirit of rugged individualism is still alive here Kentucky, the land of Daniel Boone, but elsewhere it has been rejected by those who prefer a life of dependence on the government.  Class warfare, character assassination and the other tricks of dirty politics worked in favor of the Democrats, while our economic and international problems go unsolved (and probably won’t be, under the current administration).  And it looks like the Democrats have achieved their goal of becoming too powerful to be turned out in future elections; nothing good can come from that.  Finally, as a Christian, I’m expecting our nation will be judged soon, if it is not being judged now (the church I attended in Florida believes that Obama is God’s punishment on America).  I don’t think God is a Republican, but after the latest campaign, I am convinced that the Devil is a Democrat!

For me, I’m afraid my work status has just changed from unemployed to unemployable.  Because of Obamacare, no corporation can hire me at a livable wage.  It’s looking more and more like my last job is behind me.  My conclusion is that when it comes to earning a living, I am on my own; I cannot look to any other person or company for a paycheck.

One response to “It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

  1. Charles,
    I feel for you and believe that you are right; getting a job is going to be very tough with the drag of cash and paperwork that Obamacare will impose not to mention the crushing tax burden of any sole proprietorship that manages to gross more than 250K. The problem with our country in general, the Republicans more specifically, and we Christians most shamefully, is that we have become risk aversive. Life is a risk and standing on prinicples is a HUGE risk. But until the Republican Party (or a viable 3rd Party) decides to stand on principles and keeps standing on principles (like William Wilberforce of old) until others stand with them, it’s just going to keep getting worse until we disappear into the world of has been countries. I’ll pray that God finds you work, because Obama surely won’t.

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