New York City Really Does Have Killer Seafood



Literally.  This shark was seen swimming at 142nd St., in Manhattan.

What a mess the people on the mid-Atlantic coast are going to have to clean up, now that the “Frankenstorm” is over.  From what I hear on the news (57 dead, millions without power, the NYC subways flooded), this definitely sounds worse than the two storms I went through, when I was in the Northeast last year.  I think next week’s election will go on without a delay, but I expect the repair/cleanup work will continue for the rest of the year and beyond.

Here in Kentucky, several thousand people also lost power, but fortunately that was only in the easternmost counties of the state.  Most of the snow I was expecting dropped in West Virginia instead; because the temperature here stayed above freezing, we just got rain.  It wasn’t even enough to make up for the rest of October being dry, by comparison.  Today was the first sunny day this week, so we’ll see if it is a sign of what November will bring.

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