What Is It With Democrats and Sex?

For nearly forty years I have heard jokes about the Democrats being obsessed with sex, like these zingers:

“Republican couples sleep in separate beds, sometimes in separate rooms. That’s why there are more Democrats.”

“Republican boys date Democrat girls.  They plan to marry Republican girls, but they want to have a little fun first.”

And those are just the cleanest jokes; most are not fit to share in a place where kids may be reading.

The subject also comes up when a politician gets caught in a scandal.  Most Republican scandals involve money, while most Democrat scandals involve sex.  That is why I was puzzled when a Republican congressman from Florida, Mark Foley, got caught soliciting gay sex; what was he doing in a Democrat scandal?

In the past we were able to get away from the stereotype during an election, but this time it seems the Obama campaign wants to prove it is true.  Since President Obama can’t run on his record, which is appalling, and apparently he isn’t planning to do anything different over the next four years, and attacks on Mitt Romney have not worked, his campaign has resorted to trivial issues:  Birth control.  Big Bird.  Binders (for the record. I wouldn’t mind having my resume in one of Romney’s binders).  Bayonets.  Dumb things that other Republicans said.  If you ask me, it’s a sign of desperation, with the polls showing that Romney now has the momentum.

And now there’s this ad, in which an obscure actress (I hadn’t heard of her before, anyway) compares voting for Obama with having sex:


The ad may work with those young folks who voted for Obama in 2008 or who are voting for the first time now—if they aren’t too busy looking for a job.  Obviously the Democratic Party doesn’t realize that women are interested in much more than just issues involving reproduction.  No wonder the latest polls show women voters deserting to Romney in droves.

And did you notice that the ad didn’t end with the president saying, “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message?”  If he said it, you can bet he would have needed to do some explaining to Michelle, just as he must have done with the “Obama Girl” videos in 2008!

Don’t be surprised if this ad has the opposite effect from what is intended; instead of firing up the Democratic base, it will fire up undecided voters and people who don’t like Obama to vote for Romney.  On the radio yesterday, Sean Hannity even suggested that the Romney campaign could be paying for the ad!  As I like to say when the other side does something stupid:  with enemies like these, who needs friends?

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