From Indian Summer to a Nor’easter, and a North American History Update

For the past week the weather here has been unusually warm and dry, ten degrees above what we’re used to in October.  Yesterday, for instance, we got a high of 79, and because this is another one of those times when we don’t need the heat or air conditioning, the temperature indoors soared as high as 84.

Well, that Indian summer ended today.  As I write this, the sky is overcast, it is starting to rain, and a cold front is passing slowly east across the state.  Our attention is also being drawn to Hurricane Sandy, now that it has left Jamaica and is approaching the United States.  Yesterday the hurricane was heading due north, meaning the edge of it would scrape Florida, and the main storm would come ashore at or near New York City next Tuesday.  Today, though, it has taken on a zigzag course, allowing it to hit anything between Virginia and Connecticut.  The most interesting part is that it is expected to collide with one or two cold fronts, causing a “nor’easter” that will dump feet–not inches–of rain or snow.  Therefore it sounds like a perfect repeat of the “White Halloween” I experienced last year in Connecticut (see my messages from October 29-31, November 3, and November 6, in 2011).  Today the media also predicted more than $1 billion in damages, and power blackouts that could delay voting in some states; I hope they’re just panicky.

Meanwhile here in Kentucky, I reorganized part of my North American history project, “The Anglo-American Adventure.”  I haven’t written anything new lately; I don’t think I can properly cover the Obama administration if I write about it before it is over.  So if he is re-elected in eleven days, I might wait four years before bringing those pages up to date.

What I did was remove three sections from the end of Chapter 5, changing the cut-off date of that chapter from 2009 to 2008.  The removed sections are now Chapter 6, which I call “The USA Today (not the newspaper!).”  Whenever I write any new sections for the project, they will go in Chapter 6.  The original Chapter 6, my Canadian history chapter, was renumbered; it’s now Chapter 7.

Here are the papers I have for that project.  If you have not seen them yet, go to and click on the links:

Chapter 1: Native America (Before 1607)
Chapter 2: Colonial America (1607 to 1783)
Chapter 3: Pioneer America (USA 1783 to 1861, Canada 1783 to 1867)
Chapter 4: Industrial America (USA 1861 to 1933)
Chapter 5: Pax Americana (USA 1933 to 2008)
Chapter 6: The USA Today
Chapter 7: The Great White North (Canada Since 1867)
Two special pages on US presidential elections and the Black Muslims

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