Felix Baumgartner Did It!

Skydiver survives 24-mile high jump, breaks sound barrier, officials say | Fox News.

Well, after several delays due to bad weather, Felix Baumgartner made the jump.  I first heard several months ago that he was doing this, and followed the story with great interest, because the holder of the previous skydiving record, Joe Kittinger, retired to Orlando, my former home town.  Now it looks like Mr. Baumgartner has broken three records:

  1. He made the highest parachute jump, at more than 128,000 feet.
  2. He is the first human to fall faster than the speed of sound.
  3. He made the highest manned balloon flight.

I also heard on the radio that on this day in 1947, Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier.  Is that the real reason why Mr. Baumgartner jumped today?

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