Almost Done With Chapter 4

Regular readers will know that for most of the past two years, my history project has been to write a complete history of Latin America and the Caribbean.  I finished Chapter 3 last March, so since then I have been working on Chapter 4.  Chapter 4 will be called “Post-Colonial Blues,” and it covers the difficult years between 1830 and 1889, from the death of Simon Bolivar to the overthrow of Brazil’s monarchy.

Anyway, today I completed writing what I want to say about Uruguay, the last country I am covering on the mainland.  The manuscript so far is 60 pages long in Microsoft Word.  All I have left is to compose something on the Caribbean, and there I only have to include Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  The rest of the region won’t become independent until the twentieth century, so If I have to say something about those islands in the nineteenth century, it can wait until the next chapter.

At the rate I am going, the manuscript should be finished next week.  Then comes the task of converting it into webpages, so it looks like the whole chapter will be complete and uploaded in early November.  Here is how I plan to organize what I have so far; I’ll probably decide tomorrow where the Caribbean material should go.

  • The Struggle to Build New States
  • Enter the Caudillo
  • Central America: Out of One, Many
  • Mexico: Santa Anna’s Misadventures
  • Argentina: The Rise and Fall of Rosas
  • Chile: The Conservative Era
  • Peru and Bolivia: Disorder on the Borders
  • Paraguay: El Excelentísimo
  • Uruguay: Caught in the Crossfire
  • Mexico: The Incredible Shrinking Country
  • New Granada
  • The Reform War
  • Nicaragua: The Filibuster
  • Honduras and Costa Rica, Before they Became Banana Republics
  • Venezuela: The Barracks
  • Ecuador: The First Generation
  • The Franco-Mexican War
  • Argentina Pulls Itself Together
  • Chile: The Liberal Era
  • The War of the Triple Alliance
  • Ecuador: The Monastery
  • A Golden Age Begins for Argentina and Uruguay
  • Guatemala Takes a Step Back
  • Mexico: The Porfiriato
  • The War of the Pacific
  • Colombia: The University
  •  Império Brasileiro (The Brazilian Empire)
  • Breaking the Rubber Monopoly
    That’s all for now.  Buenos Noches.

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