The Thrill In the ‘Ville

It’s still unseasonably cold here in Kentucky; all week it has been in the 50s or low 60s by day, and in the 40s or even mid-30s by night.  I read once that the earliest likely day for frost is October 10, and we could get it this time, with a low of 30 degrees expected for tonight.  During my previous years in Kentucky, I don’t think we got a freeze before November.


I didn’t watch the first presidential debate last week, and I wished I had, after hearing it was a slam-dunk victory for Mitt Romney.  Tomorrow is the vice presidential debate, and here in Kentucky that’s what we’re really looking forward to.  First, it is being held at Centre College in Danville, which is only about thirty miles away.  The 2000 debate between Joe Lieberman and Dick Cheney was held there, and apparently it went so well that the people in charge of debates decided to have this one there, too.

My second reason for wanting to see this debate is more personal – and perverse.  In a battle of wits, Joe Biden is an unarmed man.  You know Paul Ryan is going to mop the floor with him, probably more so than Romney did with the president.  If only you could feel the anticipation we are experiencing on the right.  Somebody has already called it “conservative pornography!”

A few days ago our local newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader, played down the debate, saying it would be more of a conversation than a confrontation.  That may be so, but I also know it’s a liberal newspaper, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already trying to play down the impact of a Ryan triumph.

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