My Brother’s Third Visit

I didn’t get to tell my readers earlier, but I was busy the last few days because my brother Chris dropped in on us.  He flew up from Florida on Thursday, October 4 and went back on Sunday the 7th.  This is the third time he has been to Kentucky.  The first visit was in March, when he helped my father move here, and then he spent a week with us last June.

This time Chris didn’t do as much sightseeing, but kept his adventures in Lexington.  He liked visiting Dad the most; here are the two of them.


If you think Kentucky doesn’t have much besides horses, coal and bourbon, you’re close to the mark.  I’m afraid I spread that impression with the article I shared yesterday, about how Kentucky’s bourbon industry is booming.  One other thing we do have, which Chris greatly enjoys, is early American history.  A lot of events between 1750 and 1865, from Daniel Boone to the Civil War, happened within the state’s borders.  Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the battle of Perryville, for instance.  And Chris told me that he even found some good books on Florida history, in the local bookstores.  Therefore I expect he will be back, now that he has come to like the place.  But it won’t be before March, at the earliest; he said he “doesn’t do winters.”

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