Florida man dies after winning cockroach-eating contest

Florida man dies after winning cockroach-eating contest – U.S. News.

Has the news from Florida gotten stranger since I moved away from there, or has my perspective just changed?  When I lived there, it didn’t seem THAT unreal, even with Walt Disney World just thirty miles away.

Yes, this sounds like material for the Darwin Awards.  And all the other ways of getting rid of roaches (sprays, lizards, track shoes, a baseball bat on the day you move out, etc.) only work temporarily; bugs are a fact of life in Florida.  That’s why we were concerned last summer, when I stepped on a roach in our garage in Kentucky–there’s no such thing as ONE roach.  This also reminds me of a statement I heard recently:  never stand next to someone when he says, “Hey y’all, watch this!”

I could point out that this happened in South Florida.  I always felt the folks in Orlando were smarter than the folks in Miami.  In Orlando the only contest we had involving cockroaches was in 1986, to find a cockroach bigger than the champion cockroach of Texas.  The Texas-size roach was 1.92 inches long; the winner of the contest was 2.47 inches long, and found in a woodpile in Apopka.  Appropriately, it was named “Longfellow,” and the last I heard, Longfellow was encased in a block of lucite, in the Orlando Sentinel Building.

By the way, they did mention in the article that some cultures eat insects.  The cases I have heard of mainly involved ants, beetles and grasshoppers.  And once I heard about a group of scientists eating monarch butterflies, to try to find out why monarchs make birds throw up (they couldn’t agree on the taste, so the experiment proved nothing).  But I don’t know of any cockroach recipes.  I guess they aren’t kosher to anybody.

This line from the article says it all:  “the reptile store wrote that the prize ‘now belongs to his estate.’”  Never enter a contest where that is an option.

Speaking of which, I heard that Felix Baumgartner was going to break the parachute jumping record today, but his takeoff from New Mexico was delayed by high winds.  I wonder if he is still on the ground now?

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