Turn On the Heat

I’ve talked before about the optimum times in spring and fall when we can be comfortable indoors without running either the heat or the air conditioning.  From an economic standpoint, those are the nicest times of the year.  Usually they come in April and October.  For shirtsleeve weather outside, the equivalent times are May and September; a jacket provides less insulation than a brick wall.

We had a cold front come through on Friday night.  So far it has been pleasant; though it was 41 degrees on Saturday morning, we didn’t get as much rain as we had expected.  However, they’re getting some frost north of here, in the Ohio valley; when I checked the weather radar this morning, it looked like there was some between Terre Haute and Evansville, Indiana.

The fall optimum time seems to have been longer than usual (about three weeks), but now it is over.  Half an hour ago the heat came on downstairs, for the first time this season; meanwhile Leive has broken out the space heater upstairs.  She has been saying this year that she is acclimated to Kentucky at last; now we’ll find out soon enough.  And the gas and electric bills will start to go up, too.

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