Happy Sukkot 5773!


Yes, I know I’m late; Sukkot started three days ago.  Fortunately this is a week-long holiday.  I could also mention in my defense that I did not have the pictures you’re looking at now, like the one above of the Israeli kid enjoying her first Sukkot, when the week began.

Anyway, get used to scenes like what we see in the next picture, with Jerusalem full of temporary shelters.  According to Zechariah 14:16, this will happen a lot during the Millennium.  My pastor in Florida even suggested that during Sukkot, God will put us back in the bodies we have now, to remind us of where we came from.


Speaking of my Florida church, we used to have a sukka in the backyard there.  Here’s how it looks this year.  Boy, does that bring back memories.


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