Daily Doom Antidote

I just saw this over on Free Republic:

DAILY DOOM ANTIDOTE: Who out there is really voting for Obama? — October 1st, 2012.

If you’re not planning to vote for Barack Obama next month, you probably find it depressing that polls are constantly coming out claiming that Obama has the election in the bag.  In my message on September 24, I let it be known that I did not give the polls much credit.  I know the mainstream media is doing whatever it can to help Obama, but otherwise all the indicators are that he won’t be re-elected unless the Democrats get away with voter fraud on a massive scale.  Consider these items:

1. All the bad news from the economy.  No president since Franklin D. Roosevelt got re-elected when unemployment was as high as it is now.

2. All the bad news from the Middle East.  I’m sure I’m not the only one reminded of the Carter presidency because of it.

3.  High gas prices.  We need to keep reminding folks that gas cost only half as much when Obama became president, and he doesn’t care.

4. There are Obama voters from 2008 planning to vote for Mitt Romney, but no former McCain voters planning to vote for Obama.

5.  What the polls are really doing is sampling the people who are willing to answer the phone when someone they don’t know is calling.  I for one am too busy to answer all those questions, so I don’t expect to be sampled in the five weeks left.  And voters who have gotten rid of their land lines cannot be sampled at all.

Anyway, I found the comments in the Daily Doom Antidote article to be encouraging.  However, it works out, no group is going to vote for Obama in numbers as large as it did in 2008, so even if he wins, he will get less than the 52 percent he got last time.  This picture summarizes the article; for the details, click on the picture or the link at the top.

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