The Xenophile Historian: A New Era

This month marks twelve years since I uploaded The Xenophile Historian to its current location, on, a Utah-based company.  Obviously I am pleased with the performance of Freeservers as a host; twelve years is nearly a century in Internet time, right?  If you haven’t read the story behind the website, you can go to it here.

Over the years I have added webpages, pictures, and a few other files, like sound files and PowerPoint presentations.  Thus, the site has grown from 10 megabytes (the size when I left Geocities, the original host), to about 129 megs.  In 2001 I started paying for hosting, and that gave me 200 megs of space.  Therefore I probably could have kept growing for another couple of years, but it was starting to feel cramped.

A year or so ago, I learned that the original package I signed up for was out of date; I was still allowed 200 megs, but people who signed up more recently were getting much more space than that, and paying less for it.  No surprise there; server space and bandwidth have gotten cheaper as more and more computers get connected to cyberspace.

Last year I called Freeservers and found out I could change my membership to take advantage of the newer packages, but was put off when they wanted me to pay up front for two years’ membership.  I couldn’t afford it at the time, so I waited until now to take the plunge.  The package I ended up choosing costs 1/5 less per month than what I was paying previously, but increases server space from 200 megs to a whopping 5 gigs.  Bandwidth will increase too, but I have never needed to worry about running out of that, especially since 2003, when Wikipedia started taking away visitors that used to come to me.

I don’t know yet what I will do with all that space; I don’t need gigabytes to write history papers for the parts of the world I haven’t written about yet (Latin America since 1830, Central Asia, the South Pacific, and updates to previous papers).  Most likely I’ll throw in some multimedia, like videos.  In the past I never was big on multimedia, but maybe that will now change; I won’t have to post links to YouTube videos, anyway.  Maybe more music, too.  Those are the biggest changes you are likely to see.  Keep on coming back to see what’s new, and have fun!

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