The Comedians’ Revenge

It’s a crying shame that these days, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, two comedians who get their jokes from current events, give us a less biased look at the news than the people who are supposed to report it, especially NBC, CBS and ABC.  Earlier this week I commented on how President Obama is too busy campaigning to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but appeared on David Letterman and “The View.”  Now Jon Stewart is making fun of Obama’s priorities, too.  Stewart is firmly in the tank of Obama supporters, so I guess Obama made a bad mistake when it becomes fodder for Stewart.


By the way, Stewart complained at the beginning of that clip about how UN General Assembly meetings mess up traffic in Manhattan.  One more reason why the UN headquarters should be moved out of the US, preferably to a Third World country like Haiti, where the organization can do something to justify its existence.

Mark Twain once said that history does not repeat itself, but it sure rhymes a lot.  Well, this year’s election is rhyming with the one we had in 1980.  In both cases we had a failed president trying to win a second term with negative attacks, hoping that voters would choose the known devil in the White House, rather than take a risk with the not-so-well-known challenger.  2012 isn’t a perfect match with 1980 – we don’t have a strong independent like John Anderson, and we don’t know yet who is this year’s equivalent of Ronald Reagan (perhaps Paul Ryan fills that role better than Mitt Romney).  And Reagan only pulled ahead in the polls during the last week before Election Day; that may be why the media is reporting the race is tied, or that Obama has a narrow lead.

Finally, Obama did not suffer from an incident as embarrassing as the attack from a rabbit that Jimmy Carter dealt with.  Nor did anyone in the media call Obama’s policy “more mush from the wimp.”  Therefore comedy bits like the one above may be the closest thing to criticism of Obama that we see from anyone besides the Republicans.

Regarding the Netanyahu snub, this article suggests that it happened because Obama does not want to meet with the prime minister anymore:

There Is A Reason Why Obama Will Not Meet With Netanyahu — And A Whitehouse Insider Spills the Beans!

The good news is that such cold relations will not exist under a Romney presidency.  Romney has known Netanyahu since 1976, long before either of them entered politics, so they are old friends.

A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012

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