Is Allah a Babylonian God?

It has been five years since I met Walid Shoebat here in Kentucky (see my message from September 16, 2007).  Since then I have heard from time to time about his activities.  Now he and his son, Theodore Shoebat, believe they have found the origin of the name Allah.

You may have heard that the crescent of Islam was introduced by traders from the city of Ur, where it was the symbol of the moon god, called Nanna in Sumerian and Sin in Akkadian.  Indeed, God had to pull Abraham away from the moon god’s environment (Genesis 12) before Abraham could follow His commandments.

Anyway, according to the Shoebats, Allah was also of Mesopotamian, not Arabian origin.  They found that Allah (spelled Alla) was the name of a Babylonian god of violence and revolution, mentioned in one of the Babylonian creation myths, the Epic of Atrahasis.  And Allah (also spelled Alla in the articles below) may be another name for Dumuzi / Tammuz, an ancient Sumerian king who was deified as a fertility god.  That explains a lot, to say the least.

If you want to read it for yourself, here is a link to the WorldNet Daily article that informed me about this theory:

1700 B.C.: ‘Alla’ god of ‘violence and revolution’.

And here is the original article from

The Oldest Reference to Allah

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