Russian Ships at DNC Tribute to Vets: Mission Accomplished


Truth is becoming stranger than satire!  This was pointed out yesterday at The Peoples’ Cube, my favorite political humor site, where conservatives go to pretend they are communists.  When last week’s Democratic convention paid tribute to our military veterans, the ships shown in the background were not American, but Russian.  If this scene was written in a short story or novel, would anyone believe it?  Can anyone picture the German super-battleship, the Bismarck, appearing in the background at either party’s convention during the 1940 election?  Most important of all, did the Democrats mean to do this?

Russian Ships at DNC Tribute to Vets: Mission Accomplished.

Years ago I heard this joke:  What is the difference between a communist and a liberal?  A communist knows what he is doing!  It looks like that joke is true after all.  At the convention the Democrats booed God and Jerusalem, and included the Russian navy in their tribute.  I don’t think even the John Birch Society saw this coming!

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