Close To Critical

In 1983, a 22-year-old college graduate sold a Z-28 Camaro that he loved for $3,800 so he could try and save his father’s struggling tavern.  A year later, the bar was selling pizza and today it is Papa John’s – America’s second largest pizza franchise.  There is no question who built that.  A kid with a dream took a risk, selling his beloved car to save a bar, and could have lost both with nothing to show for it.

Source:  A Car Saves a Bar and Births a Business Giant | Job Creators Solutions.

There’s your success story for today.  Are you willing to do something your family and friends won’t do, so you can be the next success story?  Exactly one week from today, the LegalShield TV commercials and billboards will start running in the whole USA.  So far the ads have only been in four test markets (San Diego, Denver, Phoenix and Charlotte).  The response has been tremendous; sales of memberships is up to double what they were before, and three times as many people are becoming Associates.  In order to take advantage of that, you will have to act quickly.  If you want a piece of the legal insurance pie, contact me!

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