Radio Tests and New Links

A cold front came through on Friday night, bringing heavy thunderstorms with it.  Thanks to it, today was the first day in three months where the temperature outside the house was cooler than it was inside.  Nice!

This also was the first good opportunity to test out an emergency radio I bought, about a month ago.  It is supposed to warn you of severe weather, when you only have minutes to head for the basement or the nearest shelter.  I remembered the series of tornadoes that struck the Orlando area one Sunday night in February 1998, and how they killed over forty people while they slept; this radio is meant to make sure that doesn’t happen in our house.  Sure enough, the radio came on twice:  First at 11:30 PM, when the storms reached Louisville, and then at 2:00 AM, when they arrived here.  Each time it let out an earsplitting alarm, and then broadcast a severe thunderstorm warning.  Fortunately the storm only dumped half an inch of rain, and knocked down a bunch of leaves and twigs.  It didn’t even last long; fifteen minutes after it started, I heard the thunder rapidly fading away.  Without us touching it, the emergency radio passed its first test with flying colors.

Do you notice anything different in the left-hand column?  There are now two LegalShield boxes instead of one.  Since announcing that I had two new business webpages, I have decided to replace the old LegalShield ad with two, one for each new page.

If you want to learn more about saving money with the LegalShield service, and/or sign up to get it, click on the first box, the one that says Total Access, Total Freedom.

If you want to learn how to make money with LegalShield, by becoming an Associate like me, click on the second box, the one entitled The LegalShield Business Opportunity.

And that’s the news for the first half of this weekend.  Good night and see you tomorrow.

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