The God of the Religious Left Revealed

For most of my adult life I have had a problem with the Democratic Party, because it seems that their platform can always be summarized with nine words:

“Tax and spend,

cut and run,

man on man.”

Well, now that the far-left wing of the party is in full control, to the point that moderate/conservative Democrats are an endangered species, they are revealing what they really believe.  Yesterday at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, NC, they removed all references to God from their platform, plus any mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  And what took the place of God and Jerusalem?  This creepy video, which told us what they have in common:  “The government is the only thing we all belong to.”

Uh, hello?  Excuse me?  I thought the Founding Fathers declared the government belongs to US, not the other way around.  After all, that is why we say that elected politicians serve, instead of rule.  In my history papers, I have suggested that because it has been so long since we experienced a revolution, the federal government we have now is more oppressive than the British government we revolted against in 1776.  if the Democrats truly believe that the people are supposed to serve the government, we are closer to becoming an authoritarian state than I thought.

As for the platform changes, today they were reversed; God and Jerusalem are back in the declaration.  My guess is that the party leadership realized they were going too far, and that not including a pro-Israel statement would alienate Jewish voters, who in the past have voted Democratic without hesitation.  Still, the damage has been done.  There were widespread boos in the audience as they voted on putting the words back in, telling us that many Democrats, if not the majority, would have preferred to do without God and Jerusalem.

“A man who believes in nothing will fall for anything,” and we know the authority most liberals respect more than God – big government.  As I have said before, I wish I had as much faith in God as liberals have in government.


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