There Is No More Hope In Working For Others


I always thought it was odd to celebrate work by not working.  Still, the holiday takes on a new meaning when you’re out of work, and the government is run by people who do not care.  It’s more like “Non-Labor Day” when the only hard work you have done in the last four months is in your yard.

Of course I would have appreciated a good job, if I had found one.  Or even a bad one; my friends agree that a bad job is better than no job at all.  However, in this economy I also know that the rule is “seek, but don’t expect to find.”  Every week I go through the motions of job searching—it’s required in order to qualify for unemployment insurance–but I haven’t really seen a job in my future since the interview I had in mid-June.  Finally there is the nagging feeling that if I can get hired, I can get fired again.

No doubt about it, the rules for working have changed in the past generation.  We can no longer expect to stay at one job for most of our working life.  My Dad worked for thirty-two years with his last employer, but the longest-lasting job I ever had was for eight years.  In a healthy economy I would be in what they call the “peak earning years” (age 40-60), but instead my talents are going to waste.  Therefore we have to find ways to work for ourselves; we can’t count on an employer to take care of us.  And if you’re counting on the government to take care of you, remember how well it has taken care of the American Indian.

Fortunately I still have faith in my LegalShield business.  The billboards and TV commercials released in the four target markets (San Diego, Denver, Phoenix and Charlotte) have been a roaring success.  Now the company is getting ready to run ads in the rest of the country; that will start on September 17, less than two weeks from today.

To take full advantage of the opportunity that LegalShield provides, I have created two new webpages, each presenting a video about the service: will tell you how you can have access to one of the best law firms in the country.  In the past only the rich could afford this, but now you can have it for a dollar a day, give or take a few cents. will show you how you can make money with this opportunity.  Do you wish you were selling health insurance, cell phones or bottled water, before they became popular?  The same opportunity is available here, but it will be closing soon, most likely in the nest few months.  Catch the wave while you can!

Already some 80 percent of Europeans have a legal insurance service like the one LegalShield provides.  With the way things are going, it is only a matter of time before most Americans have it, too.  After you watch the videos, you will be thinking one of the following:

3.  “That sounds good, but I still have questions.”  Contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

2.  “I can use the service, but I don’t think the business part is for me.”  I have all the licenses needed to sign up people in thirty-six states and three Canadian provinces.  If you live in one of them, click on the button that says “Start your LegalShield protection today!”  That will take you to my original business website, where you can sign up.

1.  “You could have shut up a long time ago.  Let’s go make some money!”  Great!  Click here to become an Associate like me, and I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Though we may be in hard times, this too will pass.  As Zig Ziglar would say, I’ll see you at the top!

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