Tropical Storm Isaac Is Coming This Way

What’s left of it, anyway.  It’s not even classified as a tropical depression anymore.  When I looked at the weather map this morning, all I saw of Isaac was a ring of rain clouds over Missouri and southern Illinois.  At some point today, if it hasn’t already, it is supposed to turn east; consequently there is a good chance of rain from now until Monday.

The rain will definitely be appreciated.  August was another dry month; we’re at least an inch short, when it comes to the usual rainfall for this time of the year.  For the past week Leive has been working in the backyard, getting the garden ready to grow some kale this fall, and maybe other vegetables next year.  Yesterday she asked me to mow the lawn, and when I did, I kicked up clouds of red dust everywhere I went.  Whew!

Tomorrow is Kentucky’s biggest grudge match of the year, the annual football game between the University of Kentucky & the University of Louisville.  This year the big game is in Louisville, and it’s usually a very colorful event, with UK fans wearing blue and UL fans wearing red.  With the rain coming, however, it threatens to throw a damper on the event; the fans may have to cover up their bright colors with raincoats.  I have heard that football games never get rained out; tomorrow we may find out if that’s true.


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